Cisco CWDM SFP 1550

cisco cwdm sfp 1550

Cisco CWDM SFP 1550 is a yellow colored transceiver module used for 1Gbps Ethernet and 1 and 2Gbps fibre channels. They are compliant to IEEE 802.3z 1000Base-X standards and Fibre Channel Draft Physical Interface Specification. We supply the Cisco CWDM SFP 1550 equivalent transceivers that are fully Cisco compatible and meet safety standard laser class I.

The Cisco CWDM SFP 1550 is used to link the switches and routers to fiber optic networks, to use them are simple, they are fully hot swappable, plug and play. Our CWDM SFP 1550 transceivers are compliant to SFP MSA and other industrial standards; they can work seamlessly with Cisco and other company’s equipment. They provide users cost effective CWDM SFP 1550 transceiver solutions.


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